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White Sands Shopping Mall at Pasir Ris Central

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When it comes to shopping malls, you want a place that has a lot of amenities to offer. The White Sands Shopping Center has five levels, including a basement. It also has a huge car park with low parking fees. On Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays, you can park for as low as $2.40, as well as in the evening starting at 6 pm Monday to Friday.

Address of White Sands Shopping Mall at Pasir Ris Central

The actual address of the mall is 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3 #05-07 White Sands Singapore 518457. It is open 10 am to 10 pm every single day. A person can call the information line at 65892802. Additionally, for further inquiries, the mall personnel can be reached via an online contact form.

The mall often has special events that they put on. Sometimes these range from deals on food to specific deals put on by the various vendors. All of these promotions are aimed at furthering the businesses at the stores and building strong client/vendor relationships. The next development will be Pasir Ris Central by Allgreen Properties

Stores at White Sands Shopping Mall

The mall has a vast directory of stores. These brands can be found at the website. The listing of the stores is alphabetical on the website. Most White Sands vendors accept a variety of payments. These can range from Asia Mall Vouchers and E-Vouchers to more traditional lines of payment like cash, credit cards, cheque, and debit cards. Members can accumulate AMPerkz Points, which can in turn be used for various perks at the mall.

Customer Service at White Sands Shopping Mall

The mall does not just have commercial stores. They also have a language school, optical center, ballet academy, salons, medispas, schools, library, pharmacy, and nail salons. The shopping experience is immersive so that customers can get their needs met and leave looking and feeling their best. Customers can also rent umbrellas and strollers at the Customer Service Counter on level two. The mall is equipped with handicapped toilets on all levels. Additionally, there are nursing rooms in the basement, level four, and level five.
The cuisine at the mall ranges from Asian food to smoothie and bubble tea establishments. There is even a McDonald’s for those who love Western franchises.