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The Addition Condo by Oxley Holdings Singapore

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So in future, there will be the minimal launch of privately owned homes in Potong Pasir, thus the need to find the secondary market whereby the present condos like NinResidence, Poiz as well as Sennet Residences are new and high appealing to the HDB up graders. In 2008 Oxley’s founded Ching Kwong found a gap in the market area and he needed to get that filled. He noticed there was a huge demand for private residential properties that were affordable for young workers that had a desire for a sophisticated lifestyle. Since he found the gap he has developed and launched over 13 property projects around the Singapore area which were all sold within a three-month time frame of their launch. In the middle of 2009 Mr. Ching and deputy CEO Eric Low See Ching and the shareholder Mr. Tee Wee Sien came to a joint-venture to create properties that would have an impact on the industry. The partnership gave them each other’s finances and expertise to work with.

The Addition Condo by Oxley Holdings Singapore

Oxley holdings was incorporated on 16th March in 2010 in Singapore limited by shares. In October 2010 the company then transformed to that of a community company that is limited by shares and retitled Oxley Holdings Limited. Oxley Holdings Limited was then listen on the SGX Catalist in 2010 and then it transferred to the SGX mainboard in 2013. The Addition Condo is by the developer Oxley Holdings Limited.

The nearby Green Groves and Verdant Grounds also help to create an amazing and enticing environment which perfectly complement different shopping experiences. What makes Venue Shoppes to uniquely stand out from the rest is that it is a sophisticated retail center with a touch of nature. There are beautiful Asoka trees which are located on one side and the pretty Saga trees which are found on the other side. At the center stage of all these are two Angsana trees which have been specially conserved for over 30 years, creating an iconic nature landmark.

Location of The Addition Condo at Potong Pasir

The Addition Condo location on the junction where the Upper Serangoon Road joins the Macpherson Road is what sets the vicinity of the Venue Shoppes abuzz. The retail center’s close location to the major roads offers shoppers the much-needed convenience. Some of the connecting expressways which are found near this place include the Potong Pasir MRT Station, Kallang Paya-Lebar Expressway, Pan Island Expressway and the Central Expressway. The Potong Pasir station found on the North-East Line offers the public a seamless getaway connectivity while the Serangoon MRT Interchange which is found two stops from Venue Shoppes helps to easily link shoppers who are coming from the Circle Line and the areas beyond.

Venue Shoppes is not a convenient place for diners and shoppers only, for anyone setting up a business here, the nearby areas of Macpherson, Kallang Way, Potong Pasir, Tai Seng, Aljunied, and Ubi offer a wide customer base of more than 300,000 people excluding the upcoming Bidadari area which is going to have about 11,000 homes. It is absolutely the best place where all your retail needs will be well catered for.

St. Andrew’s-Junior College headed by the vibrant principal worked on their mission-of “Making Lives & Waking Heart- to Serve the-Coming Days”. It was opened on 30th June 1979. The school is very famous for their moral ethics as they always believe that character is the soul of oneself. They believe in spreading the unity, resilience, unity, and empathy among the peers. It is widely spread and famous for its diverse culture.

Schools Near to The Addition Condo

The school near to The Addition Condo offers a wide range of courses in all domains. They make sure that students are given the opportunity to choose subjects of their interest in the discipline of their choice. They can choose subjects like Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Economics, History, Geography, Literature and much more. The standard and the quality of education is soaring high as they believe in practical learning.

They have a very unique student development program which offers separate servant-leadership, education, & development which primarily aims at making leaders, emphasizing the importance of ethics. The school also ensures that students are well exposed to the sports, have good infrastructure facilities and encourage the students to participate in them. There is an immense amount of co-curricular activities which makes the students active in all fields. They offer sexuality education spreading the importance of awareness among the students and have a special counseling support program to offer proper counseling sessions and advice to the needful. The school also offers financial aids for the qualifying and the needful people.

The school remains true to its vision that there is a star in every apple and to discover and nurture the star in everyone. They strive to groom the students to become effective communicators, creative thinkers, and outstanding leaders. It was opened in the year 1985 and has been famous for its vision. They work arduously to achieve the values of Courtesy, Care, enthusiasm, determination, adaptability, and responsibility. They offer varied subjects which include Mathematics, Science, English, Chinese, Aesthetics and much more

They make sure that the students are made to participate in programs that enhance their skills and develop their interpersonal skills. They have a lot of activities that help the students in socializing with other pupils and share their knowledge with others. The school ensures that the co-curricular activities are made an integral part of a student’s school life. Offering opportunities to pupils based on their interest and passion in achieving their goal are one of the standout features of this school. They offer in 3 main categories namely the arts, sports and outdoor education. They have separate sports club which helps students engage themselves in various sports of their own choice.

The school remains conscious about its vision and strives hard to ensure that the students excel in their academics, come up with great project ideas and excel in life. They are thought to be more extensive in thinking and pupils are encouraged when they come up with new, innovative and creative ideas. If one has to opt for a primary school which would provide their kids with a very pleasant atmosphere, providing moral ethics, academic excellence, extracurricular and co-curricular activities, this would be the right choice

Uptown @ Farrer Centrally Located with Amenities

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Uptown at Farrer is a new housing development project that is designed to offer you convenience and more desirable lifestyle with plenty of amenities up for grab. The project is centrally located at the Farrer Park M.R.T Station, which offers you best possible transportation facility to travel in and around the city. Uptown @ Farrer Condo is developed by Low-Keng Huat (Singapore) Limited, one of the most prominent construction companies that focus on construction as well as property development, and civil engineering. Now, this conglomerate has come up with the modern and well-equipped housing complex that intends to enhance the lifestyle of families living in it.

Uptown @ Farrer Centrally Location And Well Connected

The plot designated to the project is strategically located in a close proximity to the heart of the city as well as to the shopping paradise- Orchard area. The area is well connected with the rest of the city through the M.R.T Station and North East M.R.T line that connects Farrer to areas like Vivocity and the Dhobi Ghaut easily. The proximity to the Pan-Island Expressway and Central Expressway adds to convenience for private transport.

Amenities In And Around Uptown @ Farrer

Farrer area is blessed with some of the best and posh commercial amenities around such as the Mustafa Center, Medical Center, the City Square Mall, Farrer-Park Hospital and many more. These commercial complexes open up new avenues for entertainment, health, education and enhance your family’s lifestyle.
The area is flooded with luxury hotels, and restaurants such as The Claremont Hotel, Femloft Hotel, Fortuna Hotel, Nalan Resturant, Shing Hotel, The Mask Resturant, and many more. A nice playground nearby is always a great place of retreat for families with kids and Somme-Road Playground offers it best for the residents of Uptown at Farrer.

Well Designed Units at Uptown @ Farrer

The project features amazing flats designs and floor plans that are designed to suit the diverse requirements of various families. The floor plan is thus subjected to changes executed by the developer on demand of the families to live. The project offers flat designs for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units with Serangoon Rd facing or Perumal Road facing. The flats above the 6th floors enjoy an unblocked view of the surrounding area. The layouts are designed to offer you optimum space without any odd corners within the flats to reduce space wastage.

The developers offer you a plethora of layouts with amazing interior designs and renovation ideas. With high- quality marble or porcelain tile flooring and appropriate electrical connections, the Uptown-at-Farrer has a lot to offer you.

Choose the best layout, interior design and other specifications that suit the needs of your family. Uptown-at-Farrer is not just a housing project, it is a lifestyle you choose.