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Petit Jervois Freehold Condo at Jervois Road by SC Global

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Jervious is a freehold development located in the tranquil and serene part of Jervois neighbourhood, it is just a few minutes away from the central business districts and the Orchard area of Jervois. Petit Jervois is a new development right in the heart of Jervois road by SC Global. the development is the former Jervois garden enbloc that was successfully bought over by Brownstone which is a unit of SC Global. The plot of land was competitively sought after by developers due to its uniqueness and closeness to the Orchard and Central business districts.

Petit Jervois Freehold Condo by SC Global

Petit Jervois is a prime property located in the best of locations in Jervois gives prospective investors a cutting edge technology in real estate development. Whether you’re a young couple or you’re looking to change houses, Petit Jervois by SC Global is the ideal choice for you. SC Global who are the Developers of Petit Jervois are a household name when it comes to property development as our team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals go the extra miles to put environmental and social consideration into all our projects.

Petit Jervois Near to Schools and Academic Institutions

Petit Jervrois is particularly unique due to its closeness to schools and other academic institution. As parents we know how important the proximity of your children’s school is hence we situated this property in the mix good schools to avoid the hassle of children being tired in the process of traveling to and from schools, we also know the health implications and financial expenses this might bring, examples of reputable schools in the neighborhood include Gan Eng Seng secondary school, Alexandra primary school and Crescent girl’s school to name just a few. At Petit Jevois our engineers are of the highest possible quality with years of experience in quality delivery at mutually agreed standards and designs.

Petit Jervois Showflat for Planning

Our show flat would be available for view by prospective investors soon as it is at an advanced stage of planning, however the window of inspection would only be open for two weeks to allow investors and our partners have a clear view of the property. SC Global is a company with strong belief in perfection and our able engineers have been delivering this for over 5 years. The recent entry of SC Global into the real estate development industry in Japan is a further testament to the huge portfolio of our expertise and reliability as we continue to expand our operation in the real estate industry one thing that is sure is quality projects delivery